If you are a new home owner, along with your enjoyment of your new home there are some new responsibilities – such as home maintenance. Home maintenance is worthwhile, as a little maintenance from time to time will save your money and time in the long run – keeping you from having large costs later on.

One area of maintenance that you should know is the use of your plumbing system – avoid putting some items into your plumbing system and you will avoid problems later:

  • Do not pour grease into your drain.
  • Do not put items that are supposedly “flushable” into your toilet, such as paper towels, moist towelettes, diapers, or tampons. The only thing that is really flushable is toilet paper.
  • If you have a garbage disposal, do not put egg shells, bones, watermelon rinds or potato peels in the disposal. These items do not dissolve and may causes problems later on.
  • Do not put antifreeze, solvents, chemicals, paint or paint thinners into your drain. Find a hazardous waste disposal facility to take these items.

An ounce of prevention will save a lot of headaches later. Your plumbing and sewer system will stay in good repair longer if you follow a few simple rules.