There are three basic types of humidifiers, table top, console, and in-duct humidifiers. A comparison of these will help you to determine which will best meet your needs:

  • Table top – these work well if you are wanting to humidify one room. The small models should be cleaned and filled daily. You can use a warm air humidifier or a cool air humidifier – both add moisture to the air, a warm air humidifier heats the air to steam and adds warm air into the room. Cool air humidifiers put cool air into the room.
  • Console – these models tend to be noisier, but can humidify more than one room. They can also be rolled from room to room, and require less frequent filling due to a larger water tank, but it may be more cumbersome to fill the water.
  • In duct – these require professional installation but will humidify your entire house. These systems are quiet and require minimal maintenance and are the least expensive, at a cost of about $30 per year.

Any of these systems will work to add moisture to the air to prevent itchy eyes, sore throat, and cracked skin that is caused by dry winter air. Select the system that best fits your needs depending on the size of the area to humidify, maintenance, and cost.