Before the 1960’s most homes had steel galvanized water pipes. These are the gray metal water pipes that were connected together. These pipes were very durable, lasting for many years. The downside to using these pipes was they would leaks over time or start to get sediment build up.

Around the 1960’s copper pipes were introduced. Copper pipes were resistant to corrosion and increased temperatures, but they may split if water freezes in the pipe. Copper pipes are very expensive and thefts from construction sites have occurred due to this costly material.

Today most water pipes are PVC pipes (polyvinyl chloride). These pipes are made from a combination of vinyl and plastic material. PVC pipes are more flexible, are easy to install and are affordable. Most of the time PVC pipes are used for water systems, sewer lines or underground cable.

The good news today is, depending on your requirements, it is not difficult to find a reasonably priced solution that will meet your needs and will last for years to come.