It seems like everyone is going green these days, which makes it so much easier now to keep your home safe and green with all of the new products out there. A lot of people want to avoid using harsh chemicals on their countertops and regularly used surfaces, especially if there are kids involved. Using green products can be not only good for the environment, but healthier and safer options for your family.

If you haven’t already switched over to the green side, there are several reasons to consider doing so immediately. For one, the chemicals may not be entirely regulated. There are an incredibly large amount of chemicals that are not approved by the EPA, and it’s very possible that they are included in the regular products you use to clean your home. Some of these products include chlorine, ammonia, and sodium hydroxide. All of these are potentially harmful and should probably be taken out of your cleaning product supply.

In addition to keeping your home safer by switching to green products, you are also keeping our precious water supply safe! Chemicals like ammonia and petroleum in things like detergent or cleaners for the toilet get sent back into the water systems, and therefore into the nearby water sources.

Some sprays and aerosols can contain some pretty harmful compounds that may have short- and long-term effects on your health! They can affect the central nervous system or kidneys. Having it in the air just has it in the air longer for you and your family to breathe in and put into your bodily systems.

It’s a smart choice for the safety of the environment and your family to switch to green cleaning products. Always take a look at the ingredients in your everyday cleaning products to make sure your household is kept safe and clean!