Drain tiles were first used in agriculture to keep farm fields from becoming saturated during heavy rains or to direct water flow as part of an irrigation system. Drain tiles can direct water away from an area or to an area, depending on your needs.

In the same way, drain tiles can be used in your yard to keep water from pooling or to drain water away from your home. In some cases French Drain Systems can be used outside of your home. Many times these are installed at the time of construction due to the extensive work for the installation – clearing the perimeter of the home, heaping the dirt around the home, installing a bed of rock and sometimes a filter fabric. This is covered with the dirt that is heaped around the home.   This is very labor intensive and at times the drain system can become clogged.

Depending on your water issue, you may opt to install a basement dewatering system in the basement itself. This may be more reliable and less expensive to install.

Make sure you get all of your questions and concerns addressed before you make your decision.