Depending on where you live and the environment around your water supply the water – your water may have a different taste or odor than normal drinking water. Even if your tap water has a normal taste, you may still want to filter your drinking water. All public water sources go through a disinfection process using chlorine or chloramine. The EPA regulates 91 water contaminants, however, municipal water treatment plants do not remove lead or synthetic organic chemicals.

Use of a water filter will remove impurities by use of a physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process. A filter removes small particles – home filters include granular-activated carbon filters used for carbon filtering. There are many different types of filters:

  • Countertop, faucet filters or under counter filters work well for cooking and drinking water
  • Shower filters remove chlorine from your bathing water
  • Whole house filters work for drinking, cooking, and bathing water (using UV Sterilization)

Chose the water filter or filter system that best meets your needs for safe, clean, good tasting water.