If you happen to notice insects flying around you may find that you have an infestation of drain flies or sewer flies.

Sewer flies are black or brown and furry with big wings. Sometimes they can be mistaken for moths. If you suspect you may have sewer flies but cannot pinpoint where they are coming from, you can place a piece of tape over your drain and check back to see if there are flies on the tape.

Sewer flies can be found in bathroom or kitchen sinks, toilets or even outdoors. Sewer flies feed on organic material in drains and lay their eggs in this same material. It is important to clean your drain in order to eliminate the flies.

You can clean your drains using the following:

  • Use a long handled brush to reach inside of your drain
  • Use a plumbing snake if the material is hard to reach
  • Rinse thoroughly with hot water to remove any remaining material

Sewer flies while pesky are not really harmful, but can carry bacteria. They multiple quickly so it is important to clean your drain as soon as possible.